Art and Paintings in Germany

K.G.F is a Filipina Artist who studied in the Philippines, worked in Singapore and married in Germany. She is a full-time Website Content Specialist with an eye for art, a hand for painting, and a heart for music.

She started drawing when she was a kid, mostly a black ink noir style depicting the darkness of being under the influence or a substance. With the absence of painting knowledge in the school and her environment, black and white colors are used. That didn’t stop her from making beautiful drawings which were compiled, never displayed because of its hint of extreme sadness and darkness.

Her focus was later on focused on writing poems, and playing music, she sings songs of hope and better future while finishing her studies at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

She works in Singapore for a five-star hotel six days a week and there she met the man of her dreams, J.A. She moved in Trier, Germany in February 2016 and since then she begins rekindling her long-lost passion for art and paintings. She is still developing and learning how to get to know herself as an artist.

Methods of Art and Paintings in Germany

With her busy schedule, she dedicated to exploring paint with the little time she got.

The Star Wars Painting

  • Darth Vader
  • Storm Trooper Red Background
  • Storm Trooper with Laser

The Philippine Series Painting

  • Jose P Rizal
  • Duterte Rodrigo
  • Nagaraya
  • Red Horse
  • Jollibee

The Quentin Tarantino Movie Painting

  • Uma Said What
  • Fiction Dance
  • Stuntman Mike
  • Deathproof Girls
  • Deathproof Car
  • Basterds Glory
  • Django

The South Park Painting

  • South Park

The Home Series Painting

Why Buy Philippine Art and Philippine Paintings?

  • A beautiful addition to your home
  • A memento of your favorite film movie character
  • A memento of your favorite movie character
  • Easy to order
  • Paper Canvass Made
  • Easy to ship
  • Choose your won Frame
  • Choose your own Passe-partout
  • Not China made
  • Available in Copy or Original
  • Not a PRINT or a COPY means every parcel is unique touch and no copy was ever made
  • Easily delivered to your home and no need to go a do your shopping anywhere.
  • The Movie Paintings offers a straightforward solution for all your Gift Concerns on all occasions
  • The Movie Paintings are suitable for all living scenarios regardless if you reside in a house, condo, apartment or recreational vehicle.

Movie Painting for Sale in Germany — Commercial-Grade Movie Painting

Decorate Your Household and Office

As more and more China Products and Movie Posters are dominating both online market and stores nowadays, it is a struggle to find something genuine at the moment. It is continuously an issue in metropolitan, suburban as well as rural locations, as a beginner artist/vendor in a new town, it’s a constant struggle to be known and for people to know your products.

Movie Paintings in Germany are so convenient to buy, pay online and it will be delivered in 3-4 working days or less.

Customizable Movie Paintings in Germany

A lot of paintings today are sophisticatedly confusing, something that is too far from being real. They sometimes not suitable for a standard home or business decorations.

Why do you need to buy a painting? You can either stick to basic art:

paintings that remind you of home,
paintings that remind you where you came from,
paintings that remind you of your childhood,
paintings that remind you of your hometown,
paintings that remind you of your favorite movie that takes you back to a certain point in time – these are the main reason why I create paintings. Memories, beautiful memories.

Paintings for Homes, Garden, Companies and Other Facilities in Germany

If you are thinking about buying a customizable painting in Germany, you need to discuss the type of methods, sizes, and designs available. We offer necessary designs for your company that you can choose from and sample painting from a wide range of themes available in our Gallery.

Why Do I Need Customize Paintings? Well, there are many reasons, here are a few.

Choose your Own Design
Choose your Own Theme
Choose your Own Letterings
Unique, original style from the Artist
AffordableDelivery Available
Sizes Available
Made on Order Basis only
Explore new vertical markets.
Be inspired by new designs and techniques
Enhance your guest experience like never before!
Good impression of yourself and your customer

Painting Events in Germany

Movie Paintings in Germany

movie Paintings by Keren

Unique, Acrylic Movie Paintings Available here, Delivery Available

Philippine Art Paintings in Germany

Pilipino Art Paintings for sale

Luxembourg SGE Party, Hilton Hotel

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