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At Online Parol Shop, we recognize that one of the most vital services our company can offer is to give your home a symbol of Christmas – Parol from the Philippines will give you a sense of Nostalgic feeling upon hanging these gorgeous Lanterns in your home and or your property.

To us, this involves more than merely setting selling a Parol throughout Germany and Luxemburg.

At Online Parol Shop, our store is initially the leaders among home Christmas Decoration companies in Trier, Germany, and Luxemburg bringing Christmas Parol in your doorstep which displays beautiful handmade Christmas Lights, Christmas Lanterns and in combination with and Christmas Decoration.

Be assured your Parol will be delivered to you, 24 Hr day/365 days a year, no matter just how far you might be actually from our base company in Trier, Germany.

Our Capiz Parol from the Philippines is an excellent choice for your home decoration

Capiz Parol from Pampanga’s
Made of Brass metal (gold)
Blinking/Non – Blinking Available
Small, Medium and Large Sizes
EU Cable Available
US Cable (upon request)

Reliable Capiz Parol Delivery in Germany using the most trusted DHL Service

Online Parol Shop’s Home Decoration and Parol Delivery in Germany are advanced and more reliable than ever with our newly launched website.

Our Online Parol Shop can be accessed in any smart device application which will give you total control to your shopping, from the palm of your hand, regardless if you’re in Germany, Luxembourg or anywhere else life may take you. From the convenience of your smartphone, you can efficiently manage your Capiz Parol having the capability to:

  • Get the Latest Designs Available
  • Order Online and Delivery
  • Pay or Transfer Money Online
  • Cash on Delivery (RLP, Germany, Luxemburg)
  • Book an Appointment, Call Us or Invite Us to your Event

At Online Parol Shop, you do not need to stress over going to the Philippines to buy your Parol in Pampanga, booking a flight and bringing it with you at all times, immigration or custom control hassles, paying extra for making it secure on the plane, paying excess baggage, bargaining with the Filipino people and the traffic.

The very best part is that these types of Capiz Parol designs in Germany, are affordable when it comes to the ordinary house, condominium, flat, or townhouse owner. The happiness and joy which in ordering a Capiz Parol from Pampanga provides, in which Online Parol Shop will ensure that your family and home is safe.

We encourage you to compare our Capiz Parol in Germany and other stores or websites in your town, and we can assure a price you can manage.

Capiz Parol from Philippines Delivery in Germany

Watch and admire how your home became the cradle of home fashion when you finished hanging the beautiful Parol. There are many ways where you can hang the Parol:

Indoor Parol
Hallway between rooms
Living room and dining room

Outdoor Parol
Above your Entrance Door
Outside the Windows

Outdoor Parol, there are ways where the risk of hanging the Parol outside is lessened. Sometimes the bulb is damaged due to the unexpected blow of heavy wind; sometimes the Parol is blown by the wind due to heavy rain. It is advisable to not have it under shade or not right position when it rains.

To protect your Parol in these conditions, we advised to get a wire, connect it to the Parol from left and right sides to hold it steady. The other end of the wire can be tied anywhere; just the most important is that it can hold the Parol steady.

These kinds of protections for your Parol will provide peace of mind and will make your Parol last very long..

Online Parol Shop Events

To further enhance the presence of Philippine Parol in Europe, the Online Parol Shop is working hard to be present at major events in Germany and Luxemburg. With your help, we manage to have a Parol Shop in different Parts of Europe:

Parol Shop in Xchange Mall, BX Mall in Spangdhalem, Germany. It is an American Air Base with more or less 5, 000 residents who live all over Bitburg, Wittlich, Herforst (and more) which let the Online Parol Shop sell Philippine Parol, Philippine Art, Philippine Paintings made by yours truly – K.G.F

It is a spectacular event where great painters, artists, movie fans, are gathered in one day, wearing their favorite movie characters. K.G.F was invited by J and A, special thanks to J.G of Eifel Club Management.

We are truly lucky to have a chance to showcase our Philippine Parol, Art and Culture here in Europe, thanks to my good contacts, N.C and C.R.

Philippine Independence Day in Luxembourg, held in Rockport, Luxemburg. An amazing full day gathering of the Filipinos from all over Europe. A great variety of Filipino foods, and stands for different Filipino products and goodies.

We thank the lovely leader/president of a charitable institution that helps various School Programs in Payatas, Quezon City, Philipines, C.H

The International Bazaar holds the biggest Multi-Cultural Event in the whole of Europe. It is participated by more than 87 countries that provide a show, showcasing their own country’s unique cultural heritage regarding food, costumes, goodies, and souvenirs. Each vendor and the whole event are VOLUNTEERS, and THE Profits goes to the charity.

The Philippine – Luxemburg Society (PLS) group hosts the event every year, and online Parol Shop was again invited to showcase the Parol. Yours truly is more than happy to do it of course!

A private, prestigious Christmas Party held in Luxembourg by the Socialite Groups Europe (SGE). It was attended by 130 people, including multinational couples, their kids, and their closest friends. This event offers different shows and live performances!

We are invited by the beautiful P.M, the president of SGE to give a display in the Hallway. We have showcased the Philippine Parol, Culture, and Art.

Do you have a show or Event that you want the Online Parol Shop to attend? Contact Us now and let’s have a cup of Coffee. Conveniently manage your event, shows as well as cultural shopping through the palm of your hand with our multi-social media services and Parol delivery services.

Find out more regarding Philippine Art and Paintings.

We want to bring you the Traditional Lantern from the Philippines which is beautifully hand-crafted out of Seashells, hand-painted by the natives and most importantly, can be delivered to your doorstep!






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