Welcome to Lokal Bayong Germany, your official source of Philippine’s LOKAL BAYONG Bags in Germany.

Lokal Bayong..Locally Beautiful, Lux and Beyond…

At this trying times, a lot of our “kababayans” lost opportunities to provide for their needs and their families. It is with high hopes that we try to encourage and inspire each one that there’s more to life, and a helping hand can always make a difference.With the love for art and Filipino culture, Lokal Bayong was launched, a Filipino brand which aims to not only upscale local weaving artisans, but also advocates for the betterment of life of aspiring talents.

On March of 2020, Lokal Bayong warmed up, just two weeks before Pandemic hit the Philippines. It was a bittersweet luck that was put on hold for a long time before it finally took off on November of the same year.

After half a year since it started, we are grateful to be available in parts of Luzon and Visayas through our depots, and slowly notching up to online market, thru Lazada Mall and Shopee Mall.

Lokal Bayong’s designs are all uniquely sketched, planned and detailed for every “Juan”. These perfectly imperfect LB’s are deliberately weaved, calculated and planned. Our weavers put their hearts into what they do best, their passion completes these locally beautiful collections. Each is customized to fit one’s daily routines.

Echoing a renowned brand, Lokal Bayong aspires not only to be noticed, moreover to be among the list. Millennially stormed, yet classically glammed up, indeed, this pieces of art are truly worthy to be everyone’s handy, a lux item ready to go far and beyond.

We are fired up with our core to teach younger generations that there’s a future in Filipino artistry. We aim to not only discover the talent of every “Juan” but also to continue the legacy of Pinoy craftsmanship.Your take allows locals to experience the bests of life. Proceeds will benefit communities through sustainable livelihood. Come, weave your way and discover the talent in every “Juan”!